Monday, August 25, 2008


We had Brooklynn's birthday party at her gymnastics center on Saturday! It was crazy fun! The kids went crazy on beams, bars, trampolines, and mats! Here are a few snapshots from the day!

Some of the kiddos with Brooklynn on the 'throne'
Yummy Cupcakes with sprinkles!
Get a load of that face! She loved being the Birthday Girl!
Caleb LOVES ice cream! He couldn't get enough!
Emma (cousin) being sassy!

Maybe she'll take the gold like Shawn Johnson!
Emma Lou on the beam! She was a natural!
Flipping on the mats!
Kylee Beth jumping on the Tumble Trak! This kid is so gifted it's scary! Summer Games 2024--she's gonna be there!

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