Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Somebody STOP him!!!

This kid is growing up way to fast for this momma! I can't believe the things this kid is doing and trying to do! Here are a few snapshots of the past two or three weeks.

This is his favorite thing to play with these days. It's a car that he can push along that has about a thousand buttons and levers to keep him busy. He likes to run over his sisters with it to! I hope that's not a taste of things to come!
The weather is getting cooler here, so we had to go shopping for our little man. Brooklynn picked out this vest-jacket thing. It's adorable on him! I don't know how well it came out in the picture, but let me assure you this kid is over-the-top handsome!
So, he's obviously learned to pull up on things, so it's a common occurance that he stands up in his bed. It's one of those things that just shocks you when you walk in and he's standing up for the first time! He's been doing it for awhile but this is one of the first times I was able to catch it on film. We can't keep Kylee out of his bed--as you can see!

Here's a solo shot! Doesn't he look proud of himself!

The other day, I was folding laundry and turned the basket upside down for him to pull up on. He had a good time using it as a walker and pushing it around the room for a few minutes. Then.....he figured out that if he lifted his little knee up, he could climb on top! I quickly put his leg back down, but Kylee was determined to teach her little man to climb (she's the pro in the house). So, needless to say, this sweet boy is keeping me on my toes!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where we left off...

It's been awhile since our last post...sorry! We've had one of those, 'oh my gosh, when will this end?", whirlwind kind of months that makes you want to fast forward time.

Caleb, at the ripe ol' age of 6 whole months went into the hospital with pneumonia! My poor little man was a sick little puppy! He spent 4 days with IV's in his head and breathing treatments every 2 hours! It wore us all out to say the very least! But, as you can see from the photo below (taken today) that's he's feeling much better!

While Caleb was in the hospital, both the girls went in to see the doc! Kylee had a sinus infection and looked pitiful. Here she is today, looking much better!
Brooklynn had staph infection on her leg, but it didn't slow her down much. She was even kind enough to ask the nurse for a sucker to take home to Kylee!
This photo is from this afternoon. It's been a little chilly here in the mornings, so she picked out this adorable hat/glove set to keep her cozy. She's been wearing since we left the checkout counter!

In the midst of all of this, we managed a trip to Texas to see the grandparents. The kids went to the Fall Festival. We spent a couple of hours getting their costumes together. They all looked adorable! They went as the three little pigs (the girls) and the Big Bad Wolf (Caleb). We got there and they spent about ten minutes in the costumes--which ended up in the trunk of the car! Oh well--they were cute!

Mommy and Caleb (right about the time his Bhroncitis hit).

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf (at least half of the costume made it)

So, we are all home now and finally getting healthy! I, for one, am glad it's all over! It was pretty scary to see Caleb so sick! Thank you to 'the moms' who drove from Texas to help take care of my kiddos! Thank you, also, to the BTF friends that fed us, visited us, and prayed for us!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The best way to eat a push up popsicle......

IN THE BATHTUB!!! So, it's a Sunday night and in order to save time and baby wipes, we decided to enjoy our dessert in the tub! Obviously, the girls loved it!

I'm typing to the sound of the girls slurping up every last drop of sugery goodness! Of course, their favorite treat is one of the messiest! Check out Kylee's mouth--that was from the very first bite! Maybe she thinks it's a giant lipstick???

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gettin' Big...

Here are a few shots we've taken over the last couple of days. Caleb is getting so big, it's scary! He definitely isn't following the curve the girls are on! They are barely hanging onto the growth charts and C Man is near the top! We don't know where those genes came from!

That sweet smile is ALWAYS on his little face--some ladies at church don't even know his real name (they just call him Smiley)! He's a delight and ADORES his big sisters (especially when they have food!)

I am one very blessed mama!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What did you say?

As we all know, kids can say the darndest things! As of late, my favorite thing is to listen to my kiddos sing. Songs can take on a whole new meaning when they are sung by two oh-so-adorable preschoolers!

Cases in point:

1. The B-I-B-L-E! Yes, that's the book for me!

I UNDERSTAND THE WORD I GOT! (I stand alone on the Word of God)

The B-I-B-L-E!

(As sung by Brooklynn)

2. Over the Mountains and the seas,

YOU NEVER FOLD THIS UP FOR ME! (Your river runs with love for me)

(Again...as sung by Brooklynn)

3. I Love you Lord, and I lift my boice, to worship You
OLD MAN'S SOUL.... (Oh my soul)

(As sung by Brooklynn....are we seeing a pattern here)

Anyway, I love to hear my baby girls sing and love it even more when they add their own flare. I know that one of these days they will sing the songs perfectly and my little heart will long to hear the silly words again.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sweet Dreams Little Man

This is how sweet little Caleb fell asleep for his nap this afternoon. Do you think they make eyemasks in his size?? hehehe

Monday, September 8, 2008

Finally on film....

Caleb has been crawl-scooting for a couple of weeks now, but I finally managed to get a snapshot of his new found talent.
I also managed a shot of him sitting up better too. He is much more steady now, and figured out how to use his hands to keep himself up. He's really starting to explore and engage in his surroundings. If he sees something he wants, you can see the wheels turning as he trys to figure out how to get it. I love it! I know it will mean more work for me soon, but for now I'm enjoying his curiosity!
There's an added bonus pic of Kylee playing with her Cay-yubs. I love the look on his face--he's probably going to have that look a lot over the years! LOL

Sittin' pretty! (He's young enough that I can still call him pretty, right?)
You can see his pacifier in the foreground. He was desperate to get to it!

She LOVES to get as close to him as she can! Her favorite line is "can I touch him?"

Saturday, September 6, 2008

There are just no words....

After a busy week running from Gustav--we went birthday shopping with Brooklynn's birthday money. She very quickly decided on dress up clothes and ended up with a whole basketful of all things pink and shiney. In all, she bought two dresses, two crowns, two purse sets (complete with cell phones, glasses, lipstick, car keys, and other necessities), and a music box make up set (complete with eye shadows, lipsticks, way too many lipglosses!). The girls immediately used up every last drop of lip gloss. Here are the pictures to prove it! Gotta love bein' a girl!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm SO proud! ; )

Caleb discovered a new talent this afternoon! He decided that sucking his thumb was overdone and wanted more of a challenge. So, he moved on to his big toe! He was in his seat on the way home from picking Brooklynn up from school. I snapped a few shots and saw that his little toe is even wrinkled! He must've been sucking on it the whole way home ( I forgot his paci at home!)!!!


We had Brooklynn's birthday party at her gymnastics center on Saturday! It was crazy fun! The kids went crazy on beams, bars, trampolines, and mats! Here are a few snapshots from the day!

Some of the kiddos with Brooklynn on the 'throne'
Yummy Cupcakes with sprinkles!
Get a load of that face! She loved being the Birthday Girl!
Caleb LOVES ice cream! He couldn't get enough!
Emma (cousin) being sassy!

Maybe she'll take the gold like Shawn Johnson!
Emma Lou on the beam! She was a natural!
Flipping on the mats!
Kylee Beth jumping on the Tumble Trak! This kid is so gifted it's scary! Summer Games 2024--she's gonna be there!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer Games 2024

We had our second night of gymnastics yesterday, and it was amazing to watch the girls exploring new activities and talents.

Brooklynn has her class first, and she's doing a great job so far. They do all the expected things for a beginning gymnast: stretches, trampoline, forward rolls, log rolls, etc. Her favorite is the rope swing into the pit (full of foam blocks).

Kylee's class is up next and is basically a 45 minute session of free play around the gym. The kids get to play on whatever catches their attention, and it's been fun to watch Kylee try her hand at several new tricks. She, too, LOVES the rope swing. She's great at the bars for such a little thing. She loves hanging upside down. Last night, however, she shocked us all with her death-defying leaps off the beam into the pit! It was crazy to see her jump from such a high (not to mention tiny) perch!

We can't wait to see what she does next week! I'll have more pics then!

Monday, August 18, 2008

She has a point....

Today, on our way home from school, Brooklynn was getting a bit sassy with me. I told her she'd better watch her mouth to which she responded, 'but Mommy I can't see my mouth"! SHe was seriously confused--there was no sass in her voice.

It was too funny and I couldn't stop laughing long enough to explain myself. Oh well, maybe next time!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Teachers must live at school!

So Brooklynn has been in school about a week and a half now. Every morning the same teacher is there to welcome her into class. This teacher, Miss Nicki, also attends our church. On Sunday, Nicki spotted Brooklynn playing and went over to say hello. The conversation went something like this:

Nicki--"Hi, Brooklynn! How are you this morning?"

Brooklynn--"Hi! Who are you?"

Nicki--"Who am I?! I'm Miss Nicki, silly"

Brooklynn---"In a DRESS?!!!"

You see, the teachers at her school all wear these super cute pink scrubs with their name stitched on them. So, clearly, teachers live at school and always wear scrubs!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Roll Overs

Caleb decided to surprise us all again by rolling from his back to his tummy Thursday! It was super cute because he rolled onto his tummy and got so excited that he accidentally kept right on rollin'!
He is really grabbing at his toys and trying to chew on his teether, toys, and of course, his hands! He absolutely loves his activity center that Coffee and Aunt Ree gave him!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Growing up fast....

This week was full of firsts in our house! Brooklynn started school this week at our new church. She is having a blast-except when it comes to meal times! It's been so fun to see all her artwork, meet her new friends, and listen to all her stories on the way home!

Showing off her new dress.... Making sure her 'pack pack' was nice and straight.....

Pretending Mommy's not there to pick her up Seeing Kylee at the end of the day

This was her second day of school. She wanted to wear her Marine Corps overalls. She's definitely Daddy's Little Girl!

Kylee also had a 'first' of her own this week! She finally got her first haircut. Mommy did it, and I must say, it isn't very easy to cut hair on a child who won't sit still for a milli-second!!!
Here's her new do!

Of course, Caleb couldn't be left out of the excitement of the week! I was able to snap his first attempt at sitting up...just after this shot--he face planted! Oops!

We have had a jam-packed week this week and have loved every minute of it! We are very blessed and can't wait to see what new adventures are coming around the bend....

Until next time........

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pop Goes the Kylee!

The past few days have been rough in the area of napping. I mean, seriously rough. One day this week, it took two hours to get the girls to be still and stop getting out of bed! It hasn't been much better when bed time rolls around.
Last night, I was sitting in bed (reading blogs) and heard a small little sound at my doorway. I looked up and saw this....

She's hiding in a tunnel from her playhouse tent. She smiled that, "I'm too cute to get in trouble" smile, turned around and bounced away (still inside the tunnel). The smile worked--I made her come back long enough to take the picture.
I wonder what in the world went through her mind when she decided to get out of bed, find her tunnel, and then sneak around the dark house!?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another kind of rolling...

This time it's me rolling on the floor. My kids are 'at that age' when everything they say is amusing. I can hardly stand it sometimes.

The other day, Kylee was singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" but was adding her own little flair (read this as "in the totally wrong tune"). Brooklynn stopped her and with her best 'big sister' tone corrected her by singing it:

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the strings!
Mary, mary, mary, mary
Like it but its dreams!

Hello! How adorable is that!

On a side note:
Brooklynn is starting to read! We have magnetic letters on the fridge, and she's starting to sound out little words. It's crazy to think about having a child who's old enough to be starting to read--it makes me feel old actually. But, I'm super proud of her! It's inspiring to watch her get so excited about learning something new. We had to call everyone she knew to tell them what she'd done! Priceless!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Wedding Birthday!

This weekend was our fifth anniversary! I can't believe it's been that long already!

We had a great weekend! It started off when Lolly and Saucy came into town. They kept the kids so Nathan and I could have a date night. I had arranged everything without Nathan knowing a thing! I picked him up from work on Friday afternoon--Les dropped me off. Needless to say, when Nathan saw my sister in the car, he knew something was up. It was great! I was so excited that I'd been able to surprise him!

So, we finally got some time as a couple and went to . When we got back, my mom helped the girls bake a cake, and we had a party (complete with presents and balloons)! The girls sang Happy Wedding Birthday to Mom and Dad--it was priceless!

We are so blessed to have such an amazing family and thankful for an amazing five years together!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Rollin' ....Rollin'...... Rollin'

Today, Caleb hit a fun milestone! He has started rolling over! So far, it's been from his tummy onto his back. It happened so fast, I almost missed it! So fun!

We are still getting over the bug that swept through our house Sunday morning. I think we will survive, but having Mommy and Daddy both sick at the same time is definitely NOT a good thing with two little girls running the show! There was not an inch of floor space left in the living room--and I am now officially out of Kleenex (I just bought a new pack of three on Monday!)!!!

Needless to say, I'm glad it was only a 24 hour bug!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Schools Days....

We went to visit Brooklynn's new school last night. It's still under construction, so it wasn't a 'grand tour' at all, but it was nice to see where things will be. Everyone was so nice--one guy was literally crawling around the office playing hide and seek with the girls! They LOVE kids at this place! We are super excited about finding this school, after lots of prayer and frustration.

We had all but given up on finding the perfect fit. One afternoon, I happened on an ad for this new school and checked it out online. They are part of a church not far from the house so visited the church the following Sunday. It was great! The school is a ministry of the church--not just a day care. I can't wait to see the wonderful things Brooklynn learns!

One funny little story about our visit last night:

We got to the church to meet the director and as we were walking in, Brooklynn got flustered and said, "MOMMY! I FORGOT MY PACK-PACK!!!" It was so cute! She was ready to go to school right then and there. She even cried when we had to leave. Let me remind you that the school is SERIOUSLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Like--no flooring, no toys, no tables, nothing of the sort. Besides the sweet hearts of the director and her husband (the one crawling around the floor) there was nothing to draw Brooklynn in like that. It melted my heart!

Stay tuned for pics from Brooklynn's first day of school!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is this thing on?

So, I decided to try setting up a blog for our newly expanded family. I have exactly zero experience with these things, so it might be slow going for awhile. Eventually, though, you will know the chaotic, wonderful life in our home!

Visits from my friends