Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer Games 2024

We had our second night of gymnastics yesterday, and it was amazing to watch the girls exploring new activities and talents.

Brooklynn has her class first, and she's doing a great job so far. They do all the expected things for a beginning gymnast: stretches, trampoline, forward rolls, log rolls, etc. Her favorite is the rope swing into the pit (full of foam blocks).

Kylee's class is up next and is basically a 45 minute session of free play around the gym. The kids get to play on whatever catches their attention, and it's been fun to watch Kylee try her hand at several new tricks. She, too, LOVES the rope swing. She's great at the bars for such a little thing. She loves hanging upside down. Last night, however, she shocked us all with her death-defying leaps off the beam into the pit! It was crazy to see her jump from such a high (not to mention tiny) perch!

We can't wait to see what she does next week! I'll have more pics then!

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