Monday, September 8, 2008

Finally on film....

Caleb has been crawl-scooting for a couple of weeks now, but I finally managed to get a snapshot of his new found talent.
I also managed a shot of him sitting up better too. He is much more steady now, and figured out how to use his hands to keep himself up. He's really starting to explore and engage in his surroundings. If he sees something he wants, you can see the wheels turning as he trys to figure out how to get it. I love it! I know it will mean more work for me soon, but for now I'm enjoying his curiosity!
There's an added bonus pic of Kylee playing with her Cay-yubs. I love the look on his face--he's probably going to have that look a lot over the years! LOL

Sittin' pretty! (He's young enough that I can still call him pretty, right?)
You can see his pacifier in the foreground. He was desperate to get to it!

She LOVES to get as close to him as she can! Her favorite line is "can I touch him?"

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