Monday, July 27, 2009

I almost forgot...

Recently, we joined Netflix so we could get movies without having to buy and store them. The girls love it because they get a mailbox full of fun movies. The most recent mailing was Tinkerbell. They've watched a gazillion times over the past several days.

Brooklynn loves to ask questions and process the movie out loud. It's funny to hear all the things she wonders about as she's watching. I was sitting on the couch with her and she asked why Tink's clothes were made out of leaves. I told her that that's just what fairies wear in this movie. She then asked if we have fairies in OUR world (her way of asking if they were real). I told her that they were just pretend. Her response nearly made me fall off the couch.

She crossed her arms and got very serious. She said, "well, there's at least one!....TOOTH!"

It was too hilarious with her very grown up and serious look on her face.

"oh yes," I told her... "I almost forgot!"

Okay, so as I type this, my little Brooklynn comes in and sees my MIL's phone. Brooklynn, very curiously peeks over the tabletop and says, "You have a RED Berry!!!"

My MIL's phone is a red blackberry. Is that not too funny!

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