Friday, October 9, 2009

More on the love of lipstick!

My last post featured my sweet B in her bright pink lipstick. Well, apparently she and her little sister felt it was their sisterly duty to share their passion for pink with....

this little man!

He has, for the past few days, walked around the house with a tube of pretty pink lipgloss. He can open it, load up the brush, and smear it...all by himself! : )
He has painted my lips with gobs of the stuff many times--and he has almost perfect aim...

I asked Brooklynn how he learned about it and she readily admitted to their beauty lessons with their little man. ..has me wondering what the next few years will hold for Caleb! Poor kid's gonna have to suffer through alot with his big sisters! lol

They are on a nail polish kick right now--better lock up all the weapons or he'll have orange and purple toes!

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Lesleigh said...

Our poor baby! Better tell them what's up before Nathan comes home.

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