Sunday, December 20, 2009

I've been warned...

I've been warned by a dear friend of mine....If I don't update my blog--she's removing my link from her page! LOL

Unfortunately, my camera's USB cable is MIA so I can't upload all my pics. I do, however, have a few of our Christmas pics to share...

Hope you enjoy them!

In other news, we have been busy getting in the Christmas spirit! We just got home from a weekend stay at the Avia Hotel. The hotel has just opened in Market Street (The Woodlands), which has a small town square sort of feel--lots of shops and restaurants, a lawn with a HUGE Christmas tree, and lots of shoppers!

We stayed two nights in the hotel--all 8 of us! We had a blast!
On Saturday, we got the kids all dressed up and went to see Santa. The girls loved it, but Caleb was skeptical! The whole time we were in line, Caleb was saying "HO HO HO!" but as soon as he realized I was about to plop him down in St. Nick's lap, it turned into " NO NO NO!"---the pics turned out cute regardless :)

We also rode in a "one horse open sleigh"! THAT was fun! It was nice and cold so we got bundle up under the fuzzy blankets. We got an extra long ride (thanks to mom's generous tip), and we sang carols the whole way! Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh! HEY!

As of this moment, all three kids are passed out in bed after an action packed weekend! Definitely a great way to start off our Christmas week!

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Sara said...

YAY!! Glad to see my warning worked!! :) Now don't make me say it again...!! Love ya, and love seeing pictures of those beautiful kids of yours!!

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