Wednesday, February 3, 2010

She may talk too much, but...

She's pretty dang gorgeous huh!

My super-awesome in-laws gave me a super-awesome camera a couple of weeks ago. I am finally learning a few things about how to actually use it (thanks to P-DUB)! I took this one of Brooklynn yesterday. I can tell that they are going to get sick of me following them around with a camera :)
I played with this one in PS, and I think it turned out pretty well. It doesn't hurt that the model is stinkin' gorgeous!

More to come as I get them uploaded!


Ashley McWhorter said...

Very cool! What camera did you get?

The Knowles Family said...

Sony CyberShot...i am still very new at learning how to use it (other than the point and shoot setting)!
I love the pics you just posted of the 'rock stars'! too cute!

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