Monday, February 1, 2010

Chatty Cathy and Harry Houdini

So for several days in a row now, Brooklynn has come home with 'sad faces'. This means that she has been in trouble ALOT during the day! The first time it happened, she had a substitute. I thought (okay I hoped) that it was just because the sub was being overly stern in order to keep 24 kids quiet all on her own (there's usually an assistant in the room too). But, no....she's come home with them regularly since then.

I am not a happy momma, I can tell you! We are practicing not talking---she has to sit in her room for a while when she comes home with a sad face. I am praying this will be all it takes for her to learn her lesson!

I hate for my little one to be in trouble!

Speaking of little ones in trouble---

Caleb has a new trick! It's a 'disappearing act'. I only get to see it when he's in trouble. If he sees me with 'the spoon' he makes a run for it. No matter where he is in the house, he will always run to one place. He high-tails it for his bedroom. You see, in his bedroom and nice velvet curtains that make the perfect hiding place!

It's really hard to discipline your child when you are trying to hide your smile!

Now you see him! Now you don't!

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