Monday, June 28, 2010

Start the countdown...

10 days left here in MS. I am sad, excited, nervous, and curious about this move. We will be moving back to VA. We lived there for 6 months almost 6 years ago. We were newlyweds, pregnant, and Nathan was newly commissioned and in school.

This time we will be plus three kids, 3 deployments, and 7 years of marriage.

Alot has changed in the past three years here in MS, and leaving here will be rough. This house was our first real home together. We made some life-changing friendships here. We have seen first days of Kindergarten, first steps, and first missing teeth in this house.

I find myself tearing up as I go about my daily routine and think about what this place has meant to me personally. I can hardly believe it is time to start another adventure!

See you all on the other side (I promise to be better about updating once we settle in!)

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