Friday, July 18, 2008

Schools Days....

We went to visit Brooklynn's new school last night. It's still under construction, so it wasn't a 'grand tour' at all, but it was nice to see where things will be. Everyone was so nice--one guy was literally crawling around the office playing hide and seek with the girls! They LOVE kids at this place! We are super excited about finding this school, after lots of prayer and frustration.

We had all but given up on finding the perfect fit. One afternoon, I happened on an ad for this new school and checked it out online. They are part of a church not far from the house so visited the church the following Sunday. It was great! The school is a ministry of the church--not just a day care. I can't wait to see the wonderful things Brooklynn learns!

One funny little story about our visit last night:

We got to the church to meet the director and as we were walking in, Brooklynn got flustered and said, "MOMMY! I FORGOT MY PACK-PACK!!!" It was so cute! She was ready to go to school right then and there. She even cried when we had to leave. Let me remind you that the school is SERIOUSLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Like--no flooring, no toys, no tables, nothing of the sort. Besides the sweet hearts of the director and her husband (the one crawling around the floor) there was nothing to draw Brooklynn in like that. It melted my heart!

Stay tuned for pics from Brooklynn's first day of school!

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