Sunday, January 10, 2010

The More you Know...

Brooklynn continues to come home with a wide array of things she's learning in her new class.
In addition to the life lessons I posted about a few days ago, she also learned that:

1. You can't wrestle like bears or jump like frogs in the library.
2. When you sit next to kids named Tommy, he will teach you to make farting noises, and will also bring you presents to school (more on that one Monday).
3. A 'little line' (hyphen) means you need more room.
4. It's always nice to be a bucket filler.*

* Bucket Filling has something to do with being nice, but I'm still working on getting a better understanding of what the heck she's talking about! :)


Ashley McWhorter said...

Lily has "bucket filling" in her class. It is modeled after a book or something. Basically, there are red and blue strips (at least that is the way it is in her class) and when you do something good, your bucket gets blue strips. If you do something not good, you get a red strip. You always want to fill your classmates and teachers "buckets" with nice words, helping, and such. :)

Valerie said...

OK, so I want to know more about these "farting noises" that little Tommy is teaching our little lady.

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